After installing the plugin, you will see a new menu on the left named Ultimate Fonts. Clicking on the menu takes you to the plugin settings page.


Plugin settings basic

The settings show a list of elements that can have font options. By default, the plugin adds 7 basic elements for your websites:

  1. Body text
  2. Heading 1
  3. Heading 2
  4. Heading 3
  5. Heading 4
  6. Heading 5
  7. Heading 6

Each element has 2 parameters:

Label: The element label. The label will be shown in the Customizer when you edit font options in the frontend (in the Customizer → Fonts, more info in the next section). The screenshot below will show you how the labels appear in the Customizer:


Selector: The CSS selector that will be applied font options for. The plugin supports multiple selectors separated by commas. This term is familiar if you’ve worked with CSS before. But it’s fine if you haven’t. To find element selector, please follow this instruction.

Add/Remove elements

To remove an element, simply click on the minus button (-) on the right of the selector.

To add a new element, click the +Add Element button. Then you need to enter the element Label and Selector.

After making changes, click the blue button Save Changes.