After saving the plugin settings, it’s time to edit font options for the configured elements. Simply clicking the Customize button next to the Save Changes button in the plugin Settings page or go to Appearance → Customize.

Then you will see a new section Fonts like this:

fonts section

Clicking on Fonts shows the list of the elements registered in the plugin settings page:

list elements

Choose the element you want to edit font options and you will see list of options:

font options

Font family: The 1st option is the font family. The plugin shows a list of the system fonts and 700+ fonts from Google Fonts. Simply select the font family from the dropdown and preview the font in the right panel.

If you don’t want to change the font family for an element (in case you just want to change the font size or something else), select – No change.

Font style: In corresponding to each font family, there are various styles listed. The style includes the font weight and the style (normal or italic). Just select a style and preview it in the right panel.

Font size: The font size in pixels, em, rem or %. We recommend using the same unit as in your theme.

Line height: The font size in pixels, em, rem, % or without unit. We recommend using the line height without unit.

Letter spacing: The letter spacing in pixels, em, rem or %.

Text transform: The text transform, can be lowercase, UPPERCASE, Capitalize or None. None means the text keeps the form of what you entered.

After editing the font options, don’t forget to click the button Save Changes to apply the change to your website.